The rapidly increasing need for faster access to the Internet, together with the explosive growth of the IoT (Internet of Things) has made telecommunications one of the most demanding industries worldwide. All around the world, people use the Internet to make their everyday life easier.  Being well aware of that, the Media industry has launched new products and applications available only through the Internet, in order to minimize the costs and maximize the profits. Various payments methods are available ( video on demand, pay-per-view, etc) in order to offer flexibility to the consumers.

In this vein, our Law Office works closely with the major communication providers of the country in order to help them form a legal “shield” against “bogus” claims from consumers acting on bad faith. What is more, our Office acts as external legal counsellor to VoIP Service Providers in order to make sure that they can meet the criteria set by the European Union’s Directives and Regulations and be eligible to serve their customers across Europe.

What is more, our Law Office in close cooperation with certified professional and dedicated experts acts as the liaison between the companies and the State in order to ensure that our clients are eligible to apply to the European Structural and Investment Funds.