Every new member of the Office actively participates in a four-weeks familiarization and hand-over process, during which he gets in touch with the operational aspects and procedures we apply together with the directives and regulations he must have in mind when dealing with certain issues. A formal training program is consisting of in-house seminars and presentations by other members, as well as participation in external seminars and conferences and it’s designed to provide continuing education.

Nevertheless, we do not expect to learn everything by heart, but to work hand-in-hand with the designated Officers and experienced associates who become responsible for ensuring the new member’s smooth adjustment to the demands of the Office’s practices.

On the contrary, we do expect from everyone to develop initiative by participating in the day-to-day decisions influencing their lives at work, and by being regularly informed about and contributing to meetings involving all Office members.


At “NTOGIAKOS & Associates“, we greatly emphasize on a stable and motivating working environment, offering opportunities for further professional development. This being the reason, we use state of the art equipment in order to accommodate our partner’s requests, such as remote working any day of the week, either from home or from our clients’ premises. At the same time, we frequently update our infrastructures’ software, to ensure the back office’s and administrative support’s smooth operations. Flexible schedules together with compensation and benefits systems are available to all our associates.

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