Due to the complexity of this field, our associates have attended numerous seminars and lectures organized by the Hellenic Capital Market Commission, in order
to be in line with the new directives, regulations as well as legislation coming in force. They also frequently attend speeches delivered by Associate Professors of the Athens University of Economics and Business (A.U.E.B.), who are on the “magic circle” of academics in the country.

Additionally, our associates often participate at European summits and conferences especially concerning the taxation of European companies having registered offices in Greece. Furthermore, they advise clients investing abroad on how to fulfill details on banking documents like FACTA, in which corporate category the fall (Active – Passive NFFE), how to implement guidelines and regulations like MiFiD and how to disclose the necessary tax information required by both Greek and foreign banking institutions.

In the same vein, we frequently work closely with medium to large size companies in need of extensive guidance concerning issues of VAT and Indirect Tax. Additionally, we cover all tax areas, from transactional advisory, to preparation, to filing of tax returns.

Our experts, having had the opportunity to study in multicultural environments, gained a deep understanding of how important is for multinational companies to be tax- compliant, so that to avoid any tax-related penalties. This being the reason, we can also draw upon a top-notch group of experts to form the right team in order to assist clients on those matters