After a long period of financial depression, real estate has become one of the most promising industries of the country. Nevertheless, real estate transactions are becoming increasingly complex. In an effort to make deals in this sector more immune to financial cycles, there is a tendency towards an increasing number of cross border, highly structured transactions, with complex financing arrangements.

Our office represents a wide variety of developers, lenders, private equity funds, local and international investors, including REITs and major corporations as well as we advise clients on the full array of complex issues arising in this industry, including acquisitions, disposals, due diligence, development, planning, projects and construction.

We do also work closely with Banks in order to expedite the liquidation and insolvency procedures relating to assets they hold so that to enable them to perform better on their annual statements.

Furthermore, our office is actively engaged on the hospitality industry, the prominent Greek industry, by undertaking the S&P agreements on behalf of the sellers or the buyers.