Our Office holds a long tradition on protecting intellectual property rights of authors publishing their scientific work both on Greece and abroad. Many Academics of our country fall victims of copyright related violations occurring abroad. Plagiarism is a scourge all around the word, and the consequences are most of the times very serious.  This being the reason, we work closely with most of the Academic Institutions of Greece in order to ensure that books and other copyright protected material issued will not be plagiarized from foreign authors in Universities or other Institutions abroad.

Furthermore, by using the appropriate legal framework, we protect the industrial intellectual property and file patent approval requests before the Hellenic Industrial Property Organisation for new products which will become commercially available in due course.

Let alone the academic and commercial aspect of Intellectual Property Law, trademark registration is of equal importance to the business operations of a company. False allegations about trademark ownership, has led the consumers to feel frustrated or confused about the brand identity of many well-known retailers, suppliers etc. This being the reason, our Office undertakes to register trademarks both in Greece and In the European Union, through the EUIPO.