Eve heads the criminal law division of the Office. She holds an LL.B degree from the Athens Law School together with an LL.M degree on Criminal Law with specialization on white collar crimes. She is a PhD candidate supporting the doctoral thesis about “The Notion of Accusation on the Criminal Procedure according to Article 6 of the European Convention of Human Rights”. Furthermore, she is fully qualified and regulated by the Athens Bar Association and has excellent knowledge and command of the Greek, English, French and Spanish languages.

She works closely with the tax and civil experts of the Office, in order to ensure a spherical approach on certain multi-aspect legal matters, urging special attention and handling. Eve has gained significant experience whilst working for major law firms as practioner appearing before First Instance Courts and the Court of Appeal representing either defendants or claimants. She has handled numerous high profile criminal cases, including charges for homicide, drug trafficking, fraud, conspiracy to fraud, Ponzi schemes, impersonation of public authorities, bribery attempts of public officers from multinational companies and large scale human trafficking between Balkan and Arabian countries. She is also active on the academics, since she teaches Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure as Associate Professor in the School of Sergeant Officers of the Hellenic Police Academy.




Tax and civil expert